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Design & Installation

at St Dunstan's College

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Public Address systems, also known as Audio Announcement, are systems that have the ability to fully integrate or stand-alone through sound components, such as speakers and microphones. 


St Dunstan’s Colege is a co-educational independent school in Catford, London, England. A member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference.

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As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent government 

guidelines, St Dunstan’s College like several schools and colleges 

throughout the UK, suddenly required a solution to help them manage/organise their pupils around the school safely; maintaining social distancing. 


St Dunstan’s College reviewed various options for a solution, however settled with a Public Address system, which met their requirements. 


After receiving a selection of traditional designs and installation quotes, St Dunstan’s contacted Think Systems to enquire about a more cost effective solution, after the initial consultation. Think Systems proposed an Axis Network Audio system utilising the clients existing network infrastructure, this solution reduced the costs due to less cabling and equipment needed, as opposed to a traditional Public Address system.

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The work was successfully completed within the given timescale and budget. The system was put into action on the first day pupils arrived back to school, after the pandemic lockdown. 

The system provides announcement throughout the building including outside. The staff and pupils are able to hear clear instructions enabling free movement around the school at all times. As a result of the installation, St Dunstan’s College have expanded the system with additional microphones, to accommodate their Headmaster’s and Bursar’s office.

Cost Effective Installation

Reducing installation time/labour In comparison to traditional hardwired Public Address systems

Can Utilise Existing Network Infrastructure

Ability to connect the Public Address system to your existing network infrastructure

IP Based - Low Maintenance

Economical cabling - enabling use of existing computer hardware

Systems Enhancements

Can play external music sources and 

pre-set announcements

Ability for Expansion

The system can be expanded to 500+

devices (speakers and microphones)

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