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Security Doors

Having security doors placed strategically around the property is essential to maintaining a safe and secure building, as doors are often the weakest link when it comes to intruders attempting to break in.

There are a wide range of security doors designed to secure your safety for many situations, such as

manual attack resistant doors and bullet resistant

doors, which some are designed to resist major

blast attacks, as others resist bullet attacks.



Improved Security

There’s a choice of material, which is typically steel, making it more difficult to destroy or damage than a normal door, along with its hinges and locks.

Fire Protection

 A good quality security door is fire retardant. In case of a fire, a security door will help to stop the spread of the flames.

Deters Intruders

Security doors are a threat to intruders as they see them as a time consuming barrier; being more difficult to defeat. Intruders prefer an easy entrance.

Systems Integration

Security doors can be integrated with access control systems providing secure entry to premises

Let us design and install a cost effective solution to ensure your safety with security doors. 

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