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Key Holding

There are many risks and challenges associated with having a member of staff act as a key holder. By using our key holding and alarm response service, you can eliminate these risks, while taking the pressure and added responsibility off your employees. 

Our Key Holding services include:
Key Holding | Think Systems Limited
  • Control centre monitoring and responding to call outs 24 hours a day, as well as responding to alarms or patrolling the premises

  • An experienced and trustworthy uniformed response team

  • A thorough check of your business premises for criminal activity or damage

  • Response team will remain on site until the premises is safe and secure

  • Deployment of security personnel and mobile patrols officers to investigate and manage any incidents arising

  • Liaising and assisting with Police and emergency services if required

  • Alarm resets across your business premises leaving your business or home secure

  • Full incident report provided following the call out



Your keys will surely be safe with us along with the safety of your property with our well trained personnel's who will respond to emergencies; monitor the premises and escort people in danger.   

Fast and flexible response

 We have experts on hand 24/7. This ensures we can always have someone respond to a security threat when required.

Police Response

Police are only called out to confirmed events. This reduces the risk of being removed from police response.

Maintenance & Repairs

We can arrange for emergency repairs or maintenance if your property is damaged.

Let us design and install a cost effective solution to ensure your safety with Key Holding Alarm responses. 

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